Sallie Logan Public Library Internet Acceptable Use Policy


The Internet enables the Sallie Logan Public Library to expand its reference
information services by providing access to unique resources worldwide.
Patrons are encouraged to use the Internet for informational, educational, and
recreational needs while following these guidelines:

• To access the Internet users must enter their Sallie Logan Public Library
card number.

• Sallie Logan Public Library cardholders have 2 hours per day.

• Individuals who do not have a Sallie Logan Public Library card or are
cardholders of another library will be charged $3 for 30 minutes for a
guest” pass to use the Internet or other on-line resources. The $3 is a flat
rate with no prorated allowance for using less than 30 minutes. Users are
limited to 30 minutes per day. “Guest” passes are not available to
individuals who owe fines or fees to Sallie Logan Public Library.

• Users must be able to demonstrate adequate computer ability.

• The use of the Internet workstations is available on a first come first serve
basis. Patrons agree to use the Internet workstation and resources in a
responsible and ethical manner.

• Users may not attempt to modify, alter, or damage software and

• Users may not receive or display graphics, which may reasonable be
construed to be obscene.

• Not all sites are available from Library Computers. Attempting to “go
around” the filters to access blocked sites will result in user privileges
being revoked.

• Patrons may bring CDs or flash drives to download or copy information.
Printing costs are 20¢ per page. Paper must be obtained at the circulation
desk. You may not bring your own paper.

• Internet access is a privilege, not a right, which may be revoked at any
time for inappropriate conduct.

• Parents of minor children are responsible for their children’s use of the

The Sallie Logan Public Library is not responsible for the content, quality, or
accuracy of the information obtained from the Internet or library computers.

Adopted 2/5/98
Revised 2/6/03
Revised 1/6/05
Revised 7/2/09
Revised 11/5/15
Revised 6/7/18

Sallie Logan Public Library Board of Trustees

Internet Acceptable Use Policy