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New Easy Books

Ahoy! 5/24
Beach Bummer 5/24
Bluey: Butterflies 4/24
Bluey: Daddy Putdown 4/24
Bluey: Queens 4/24
Bluey: Swim School 5/24
Bluey: Mini Bluey 5/24
Bluey: Mini Bluey 5/24
Bluey: My Dad Is Awesome by Bluey and Bingo 5/24
The City Sings Green & Other Poems About Welcoming Wildlife 5/24
Diary of a Pug #10: Beach Pug 5/24
Do Mommies Ever Sleep? 5/24
Dog vs Strawberry 5/24
Finding Things 5/24
For Our Daughters 5/24
Gabby's Dollhouse: Treasure Hunt 5/24
Go! Go! Dino! 5/24
I Am Bold 4/24
Juneteenth Is 5/24
The Last Zookeeper 5/24
Libby Loves Science: States of Matter 5/24
Mama in the Moon 5/24
Memory Garden 5/24
Olivette Is You 5/24
Oh, Are You Awake? 5/24
Orris and Timble: The Beginning 5/24
Penelope Rex and the Problem With Pets 5/24
Pete the Cat Screams for Ice Cream! 6/24
Pete the Cat's Wacky Taco Tuesday 5/24
Pokemon: Ash Takes the Cake 5/24
The Sea Hides a Seahorse 5/24
Summer 5/24
A Week of Shenanigans 5/24
The Wrong Book 5/24
Zoom! Zoom! 5/24

New Board Books

Beautiful Butterflies 5/24
Bee 7/24
Big and Little 6/24
Bluey and Bingo's Book of Singy Things 5/24
Bluey: Meet Bluey's Friends 5/24
Bluey: What Games Should We Play? 7/24
Color Gallery 5/24
Counting to Calm 7/24
Counting on Mom 5/24
Diggers Love to Go to School 7/24
Eso es Mio (That's Mine!) 7/24
Gus and Sully Watch the Weather 7/24
Hello, Bedtime 7/24
Hello Hello 7/24
Hello Hello Colors 7/24
Hello Hello Shapes 7/24
Hey Now, Little Man 5/24
Hey! What's That? 5/24
How Does a Tadpole Grow? 7/24
How Tito Loses His Nose 7/24
Knock Knock Who's There? 7/24
Llama Llama: Shapes 5/24
Let's Be Brave 7/24
Let's Be Friends 4/24
Little Fish's Opposites 7/24
Maisy's Recycling Truck 5/24
Make Tracks: Trucks 5/24
We Are Better Together 5/24
When the Sun Goes Down 7/24
Why Is It Hot? 7/24