Loan Periods

Most items are checked out for three weeks.   Exceptions are books on reserve for another patron and books borrowed from libraries other than Sallie Logan Public Library. Videos, DVDs, and Blu-rays, are checked out for seven days with 1 renewal allowed. Some multi-disk sets or TV series are checked out for two weeks with 1 renewal allowed.


Most items may be renewed twice with the exception of videos, DVDs, and Blu-rays.  Renewals are also not permitted if the item is on hold for another patron.  Materials from libraries other than Sallie Logan Public Library may have different renewal limits and time periods.  Overdue notices are mailed once the item has been overdue seven days.  A postage fee ($1) is assessed for each notice sent.  If the items reverts to “lost” a processing fee is assessed.

Patrons may receive first notices by email by supplying the library with an email address.  If you change your email address remember to inform the library.

Loan limits

A limit of fifty items may be checked out per card. DVDs, and Blu-rays are limited to four per family.  The library reserves the right to limit the number of items checked out per card per subject.


Overdue fines are fifteen cents per day per item with the exception of videos, DVDs, and Blu-rays  which are one dollar per day per item.  Borrowing privileges are suspended when fines reach $1.  Borrowing privileges are suspended for all card holders at the same address when any card has an excess of $1.  Library cards will not be issued if anyone at the address owes in excess of $1.

Lost Items

Items not returned to the Sallie Logan Public Library are declared “lost” when they are 28 days overdue.  When an item is declared lost a $5 processing fee is assessed in addition to fines accrued.  Fines accrue to a maximum of $5 per item with the exception of videos, DVDs and Blu-rays that have no limit.

Lost items are billed at the current replacement cost plus a $5 processing fee and all accumulated fines.  If the item is no longer available, the cost is a figure based on the average price of such an item, as listed in a credible library source such as Bowker Annual, so that the library may obtain another title of a similar nature.

Damaged Items

Patrons are responsible for all materials checked out and are liable for any damage that may occur to library materials whether they are owned by Sallie Logan Public Library or any other library.  If the Library Director judges material to be damaged and unsuitable for the collection, full replacement cost and a $5 processing fee will be charged.  Patrons will be sent a bill notifying them of the amount owed the library.  Damaged items will be held for 30 days after notification.  After 30 days the item will be discarded.