Sallie Logan Library has more than just books!

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Use your Sallie Logan Library card to check out a mobile hotspot! Our T-Mobile Hotspot devices can connect up to ten devices, such as your smartphone, tablet, & laptop Use the device to surf the 'net, homework help, online classes, & more!

You can check out a hotspot for 3 weeks. There is a one week waiting period after returning it before you can check one out again.

For more information, please see our Hotspot policy.


Puzzle Library

We have a collection of jigsaw puzzles. No library card or checkout is required. Take one home and bring it back when you're done.

If you have puzzles you would like to share, we do accept donations to the Puzzle Library.

Board Games LoT

Board Game Library

Just like our Puzzle Library, you can take home a board game to play! No library card or checkout is required. Bring it back when you're done.

We accept donations to the Board Game Library of new or used games as long as they are in playable condition.

Sallie Logan Seed LibraryFBI

Seed Library

Novice and experienced gardeners alike benefit from having a place to exchange seeds and information. Our seeds are free for the taking, helping make gardening and fresh food more accessible for everybody.

Check out up to 5 seed packets monthly. We ask that you write your name, date, and what types of seeds selected in the notebook provided.

No library card required. Save and donate seeds back to the library!


Fishing Rods

We have fishing rods you can check out for 3 weeks. We supply the fishing line, bobbers, and hooks. Anyone under the age of 16 does not need a fishing license in Illinois.

If you want to try out fishing before purchasing all the equipment or have more people than poles in your party, check some out from the library!

The fishing rods are provided and maintained by the Illinois Department of Natural Resources.


4.5 Orion Starblast Reflector Telescope

Our telescope is powerful but still light weight, easy to set up, and use! You can see detailed views of the moon and planets as well as objects further out in space!

To check out the telescope, you must be 18 years old or over and have a Sallie Logan Library card.


IdentiFlyer Lyric

The IdentiFlyer is a hand-held device that will help you learn to identify birds by their calls and songs. It comes with six cards with multiple birds on each card.

No smart phone or internet connection is necessary so the IdentiFlyer can be used anywhere, anytime.

C-Pen Readerpen LoT

C-Pen Reader Pen

The C-Pen Reader Pen is a portable scanning pen which reads printed text out loud. The Reader Pen is designed to promote active and independent reading and learning.

You may use the Reader Pen in the library or check it out to use at home.

story kits (1)

Story Kits, Packs, & Trunks

We have a wide range of educational kits that you may check out! The suggested age ranges span from Pre-K to Middle School. Kits may contain books, DVDs, puppets, and other educational items.

For more information, visit here

Measure an appliance’s electricity usage

Kill-a-Watt EZ Electric Usage Meter

An easy to use meter that calculates electric usage and cost of household appliances to help you understand and reduce your energy bill.

BikeLocks LoT

Bike Locks

The Library has bike locks available for patrons to secure bicycles to bike racks on the North side of the library. A bike lock and key may be checked out daily to SALP patrons for the duration of their library visit and must be returned to the circulation desk at least 15 minutes before closing on the same day.

See our policies page for more on our Bike Lock Policy.